Brand story

YANYANTEA is a tea brand nurtured by Anhua Jianxinshan Jieshang Tea Co., Ltd., based in Hunan province.

We own a tea factory founded in 1979 with 5,000 acres of ecological tea gardens. We offer tea products like black tea, green tea and dark tea with excel quality and offer tea as raw material to other companies who need tea.

YANYANTEA aims to introduce tea and tea culture to the younger generation all around the world in a well-designed and interesting way and make tea drinking a fashionable lifestyle.

Our tea mountain

Our tea garden based in Furong Mountain with the highest attitude of 1,400 meters. Furong Mountain is originally composed of metamorphic rock, conglomerate and shale, with yellow-brown soil, which is suitable for tea. The collection of tribute tea here began in Ming Dynasty(1391) and lasted for more than 500 years.


Our tea

Furong mountain
black tea

Anhua black tea is the representative of Hunan Gongfu black tea (Huhong). It is a fully fermented tea with a warm, mellow and sweet taste. It is suitable for drinking all year round and the flavor is well-inspired for stewing in a thermos cup. Drinking this tea, if feels like

“ Lazily lying at a warm afternoon of winter”

( Honey fragrance·Warm·Sweet and Mellow )

Tea ware? Mark Cup, lidded tea cup, thermos cup
Brewing temperature? 80°-90° for the best, cold water is acceptable also

Furong mountain
green tea

Furong green tea is known as “fairy tea”. It maintains the freshness and fragrance of the tea to the greatest extent with a high content of tea polyphenols and is suitable for drinking in the morning to refresh your mind. Drinking this tea, if feels like:

“ Riding in the mottled shade of the tree, with a breeze passing by”

( Fresh fragrance· Fairy smell·Tender and Sweet )

Tea ware? Glass cup, mark cup, lidded tea cup
Brewing temperature? 80°-90° for the best, cold water is also a good choice

Furong mountain
dark tea

Tianjian is a special type of Anhua dark tea. It has a fresher taste than other pressed dark teas. Tianjian was once the emperor’s tribute tea, as the name suggests. Fully fermented with a mild texture, it’s suitable for drinking all day. It helps digestion and absorption and does not affect sleep.Drinking this tea, it feels like:

“ After the heavy rain, the grass diffuses fragrance ”

( Orchid Fragrance·Woody texture·Smooth and mellow )

Tea ware? Mark cup, lidded tea cup, teapots
Brewing temperature? Boiling water for the best

Our Life With Tea

“ Young people will eventually find their own way to understand tea”
“Only when tea enters life, can the impact of tea be profoundly popularized”
—— 《Tea Road》

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